Area of Interest

Technology in Education: from Technology to its Application in Education

 ICT Applications in Education. Support Environments for Distance Education. Multimedia and Hypermedia Applied to Education. Virtual Laboratories.
Simulation and Virtual Reality Applied to Education. Remote Laboratories. ICT Impacts on the Teaching and Learning Process. Quality Metrics for Technology-based Educational Environments. Collaborative Environments Applied to Education. Concrete Experiences in the Use of ICTs in Education.

Education in Technology: from Education to the Improvement of Teaching in Technology

Approaches for Computer Science Programs (Bases, Algorithms and Languages, Software Engineering, Data Bases, Networks, Operating Systems, Processors’ Architecture). Approaches, Tools, and Methodologies for Teaching and Learning Processes with the Incorporation of Technology.
Approaches for Tertiary/University Education in Topics Related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Experimental Education in ICT-related University Programs. High School-University Articulation in the Area of ICTs. Competence Analysis in Curricular Studies in the Area of ICTs .
Curricular Experiences in the Area of ICTs. Student-Teacher Model in an Environment of Technological Change. Pedagogical and Psychological Aspects.